The Organisation of Horticultural Consultants and Researchers (OVTO) is an organisation for service companies, which specialises in consultancy and research in and around the horticultural sector. The association was founded in 1985 and now has 21 members with about 200 consultants and research workers. The members with their consultants are mainly active in the Dutch greenhouse industry, though OVTO members are increasingly often offering their services to other horticultural sectors and abroad.

In the year 2010 OVTO celebrated on 17 september its 25th birthday. OVTO organised a very succesful seminar on the subject "Sustainability..." for celebrating its jubilee.

OVTO's primary goals are focussed on promoting the interests of its members and on developing and maintaining a platform for exchanging information and experiences. The promotion of interests is carried out, amongst other things, by active consultation with authorities and other trade organisations. General or thematic sessions, but also other activities where management and consultants of the members meet in a more informal way, permit the exchange of information and experiences.

In march 2013 the report 'Greenhouse technology suppliers conquer the world' was published by LEI Wageningen. OVTO cooporated under the name of Avag Plus. You can read the report here.

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