The research possibilities of the companies, which are members of OVTO, extend from elementary research such as analysing macro and micro nutrients to scientific research on the causes of plant diseases up to cultivation experiments at market gardens. The research is based on information from literature, laboratory research (chemical and microbiological) or cultivation experiments in experimental greenhouses or in practice, and depends on request and subject. On utilising the specialisms of the member companies it is possible to offer complete solutions to the various sections in glasshouse horticulture.

The research areas in which the OVTO companies are active can be split as follows:
  • Standard research (fertilizers, pathogens);
  • Residue research on crop protection agents;
  • Diagnostic research;
  • Environmental research;
  • Damage research;
  • Cultivation research;
  • Product development.
The member companies may also support with the introduction of research results in practice, which is of great importance to demonstration projects.

An example of a demonstration project is the project "guided control" implemented for PT within the framework of MJPG. Laboratory analyses of fungi in root environment were used in the project. The growers were advised on how to carry out control and which means could be used. The advice was based on the results acquired from analyses. It turned out that considerable savings on means could be realised with this way of working. Information about the results of the project were given in lectures and in professional literature.